Please send us the zip code where your apartment or house is located. Our answer will follow immediately upon the query.
Our service depends on your wishes and available budget. Using relatively modest means, we can make your property more attractive and comfortable for your guest. If you want a complete redesign of your property, we will propose a solution that will suit the market position of your property.
You can order professional photography on our site (Store). A set of 25 professional photos costs 60 € + VAT and a set of 50 photos is 90 € + VAT. The price does not include travel expenses and eventual engagement of interior designers.
Our most popular service is intended for owners of houses and apartments who do not have time to run the rental jobs due to their own obligations. At your request, we will visit your property to jointly determine its optimal opportunities in the short-term rental market. If the property does not require any interference and professional photo shooting, we will propose you terms of sales and booking management (Airbnb,, ...) that includes daily price optimization to ensure maximum occupancy and increased revenue. The service includes registration  of guests, payment of all fees, communication with guests from the moment of the first query until the writing of reviews after departure. The starting price for our service is 16% + VAT on your net income. Payments to you are done 24 hours after the guest payment or sales channel are registered in our account
Cleaning and changing of bed linen, towels and kitchen towels are charged directly to guests according to the price list that you can find on our website. We can offer you check in/check out services as part of our Management fee.
If you choose us to manage your property we shall maximize your rental income by promoting your listing, organizing and controlling all your reservations, and listings’ data with the help of a property management software. We organize check in and check out service for your guests to the mutual benefit.
The starting price for our service is 16% + VAT on your net income. Payments to you are done 24 hours after the guest payment or sales channel are registered in our account. You can see below a sample of your net income calculation for an Airbnb booking:
  • 3 x overnights / price list 100,00 euro / day 300,00 €
  • Cleaning                                                                40,00 €
  • Airbnb commission 3% + VAT                         - 11.25 €
  • Your total income (excluding cleaning)         288.75 €
  • Bnbwelcome commission 16% + VAT            - 57,75 €
  • Your net income is                                             231,00 € (77%)
  • The guest on the list price pays the Airbnb service fee, which may vary
  • Residence tax and VAT (for Vat registered owners) are not included in this calculation
  • Other booking and sales channels use different commission calculation model
Our staff will greet  your guests, show them around the flat or a house, provide any instructions that you have given to us about the property and also give them some great local tips! Our team will wait for up to 90 minutes for your guests to arrive from the time you book the check-in.
If your guest runs late for more than 90 minutes, we will ask you further instructions. We will have to charge an additional  10 € + VAT per hour of waiting time, if our check-in person is available.
On the day of departure our staff will check the property in detail. Photos will be taken before starting cleaning. If any damage occurred or any amenities malfunctions have been registered, you will be promptly notified in order to provide instructions for their repair or replacement.
Cleaning includes changing and washing of bed linen, towels and kitchen towels (see Store page), and putting two rolls of toilet paper in each toilet. In case that your provider special offers or other benefits such as fruit basket, bottle of wine, bottled water, coffee, tea, spices, shampoos, soaps, etc., please specify in advance so that we can create for you a special offer for additional service. Your bedding and towels will be washed and pressed and returned to your premises within 48 hours or by the next guests arrival. After the cleaning is complete, photos will be taken for the record.
We offer our cleaning service to the owners of houses and apartments, who run the renting by themselves, or we can offer supplementary cleaning services for the guests who stay longer than one week. The service includes cleaning of the room, changing and washing linen, towels and kitchen towels all according to the detailed description and prices on our site/ Store. You must book the service at least 24 hours in advance.Our standard service does not include deep cleaning and maintenance of your space such as outdoor window cleaning, garden maintenance and decorative plants, special floor treatments, carpets and furniture or the destruction of insects. If you would like an additional service, please specify it in your request and order to provide you with the right quote.
Our service is based on a standardized package of bed linen and towels of hotel quality. On our Store page you can find the exact specifications for sets of four types of apartments or houses. We recommend purchasing three sets per bed, one in use, one in the storage and one in the laundry. Since the washing and ironing service takes 48 hours, you can also accommodate guests for one night only. Due to the best relation value for money we chose the Ikea store and their range as a standard set. Recommended type of bedding is Natjasmin bedding in white color, for towels we have chosen Afjarden , in white color as well. If you have bedding in white and white towels in similar qualities, you do not have to enter additional cost, you can use ours. If your bedding and towels is in a different color, we suggest to replace them into recommended types. There are a number of reasons why hotels use linen and towels only in white.
Your property should be equipped with basic aids and cleaning agents. If this is not the case please do not hesitate to ask for an additional service when ordering. Bed linen, towels and kitchen towels will be changed, washed and pressed and returned to your property within 48 hours or by the next guest arrival.
If you would like to know more about the entire management of renting your property please send us an inquiry. If we already operate in your county or city, we will arrange the visit to your property, present the full service and content of the Contract. Ordering other services is available through the Housekeeping page. Before the first order you need to check for a particular service available in your county or city.