We offer our cleaning service to the owners of houses and apartments, who run the renting by themselves, or we can offer supplementary cleaning services for the guests who stay longer than one week. The service includes cleaning of the room, changing and washing linen, towels and kitchen towels all according to the detailed description and prices on our site Housekeeping. You must book the service at least 24 hours in advance.Our standard service does not include deep cleaning and maintenance of your space such as outdoor window cleaning, garden maintenance and decorative plants, special floor treatments, carpets and furniture or the destruction of insects. If you would like an additional service, please specify it in your request and order to provide you with the right quote.

Our service is based on a standardized package of bed linen and towels of hotel quality. On our Housekeeping page you can find the exact specifications for sets of four types of apartments or houses. We recommend purchasing three sets per bed, one in use, one in the storage and one in the laundry. Since the washing and ironing service takes 48 hours, you can also accommodate guests for one night only. Due to the best relation value for money we chose the Ikea store and their range as a standard set. Recommended type of bedding is Natjasmin bedding in white color, for towels we have chosen Afjarden type, in white color as well. If you have bedding in white and white towels in similar qualities, you do not have to enter additional cost, you can use ours. If your bedding and towels is in a different color, we suggest to replace them into recommended types. There are a number of reasons why hotels use linen and towels only in white.